About you
Your current location
Which of the following explains your current marital status most appropriately?
About your household
Do you contribute the most towards the monthly household expense of your household? (all members sharing the same kitchen)
What is your current household (members sharing the same kitchen) composition?
Monthly household income (of all household members put together)
Most expensive vehicle your family owns
About your Internet usage
When did you start using Internet?
On which of the following devices do you access internet regularly?
On which one of these devices do you access internet the most?
Which of the following online activities do you undertake on the Internet?
Checking emails
Listening to music
Video download and viewing
Video sharing and uploading
Social networking ( facebook, twitter, etc.)
Online instant messaging/ chatting
Information search
Accessing maps and directions info
Accessing News content
Online search and buying (shopping)
Online travel ticketing
Online banking
About your music listening habits
Do you listen to music anywhere?
On what occasions do you listen to music?
What are the different devices on which you listen to music?
Of these, On which device do you listen to music the most?
Please write the names of the "online music steaming website/ mobile app" brands that come to your mind? (Please type "none" if nothing comes to your mind)

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